Everyone agrees of the cultural importance of a heritage monument like Ajanta. It attracts school kids, art, architecture and history students, buddhists, tourists, both Indian and international. More and more interesting stories and insights are being revealed about Ajanta even today, whether through years of dedicated research or with modern technology.

The Idea

Explores different possibilities of design intervention for transference of up to date knowledge about Ajanta in new, innovative ways for different domains like education, entertainment, travel and tourism, etc.

Virtual Reality using Handheld Device

Using the cutting-edge technology of virtual reality, people can actually see the entire cave in 360 view on their Tablet/Mobile Screens.The interactive buttons on each painting will provide more visual details of particular part of the painting with reconstruction images and the story of that painting in text. It also provides a layers of other information about Costumes, Jewelleries, Architecture of the cave etc.This Application can produce enormous off-site virtual reality experience of an Ajanta Caves.