We all new that india is a diverse country in terms of different indian language and it's scripts used by the people at there. All these scripts follow different structure and it has its own identity according to the place from where it's belong. create a one basic design of the text input system for all of this languages is crucial task for the education and literary for the people in rural areas as well semi-urban areas.


We were asked to evaluate input mechanisms for touch-screen devices with the objective of standardising one of them for each of 14 major languages of India.

Plan of Study

To evaluate each keyboard precisely, we propose a protocol to continue a study well-aimed. This protocol consist a 45 minutes long training session, a 20 list of word for the first time usability test, and 15-20 minutes long typing session where user have to type 10 phrases in each session from easy to medium to hard complexity scale.

Usability Evaluation Study

The evaluation study was conducted on 4th to 7th standard school children's. As this was the longitudinal study, the course of the evaluation may last 2-4 weeks for each user.

Development of content & System

Typing data was saved in the tool which was created by our development team for the study and continuously transferred to the built up server system on the site. The tool also provide on going session details live(i.e how many sessions are completed, how many remain etc).

All the phrases provided to students was specifically chosen by the each language representative from various sources like text books,news paper,famous movie songs,national anthem etc.

For more information about the study and result you can go through the publication.