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ObjectResponder is a speculative design research project, which convey and manifest the future collaboration between design and artificial intelligence (AI). The project involves designing explorative technology and develop a AI enabled - prototyping tool for designers.

This AI-enabled prototyping tool let a no-voice designer to use AI into their design process. So as the designer can use the tool as mediator between AI and Design to identify:

1) Possible design context

2) Future applications & Use cases

3) Prototyping AI enabled interaction scenarios into the context.

  • Designer trying to identify bulb from computer vision model and design a system that provide novel interaction.

  • Designer prototyping a system that alerts people to close the door by using 'glass' as label for detection.

  • Designer prototyping an AI tool that ask people to seperate plastics cups from paper cups in the bins.

Research Results

Initial results suggest that looking at the world from the perspective of the AI may enable designers to balance human and nonhuman biases, enrich a designer's understanding of the context, and open up unexpected directions for idea generation.

  • Reaslisation that the sofa was identified as a chair by computer vision model: This bias trigger designer to find alternative idea for designin relaxing chair for