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Grippy is inspired by the notion of partnership in Human-Computer Interaction and the practice of exposure therapy in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Grippy senses changes on one’s heart rate and reminds him or her to check on and report self-perceived stress.

  • Final Design Grippy with it's Mobile app

  • Final Design Grippy

  • Final Design Grippy

Data gathered from grippy's internal sensor used to generate an annotated map (on a smartphone  application) indicating one’s daily stressfull situation & it's locations in real time. When sensing the person getting nearby one of these locations, Grippy encourages the person to go on a exposure self-training there following guided smoothing vibration patterns and provide support of relief.

  • Pressing the wrist to report stress level

  • Mapping location on a mobile app

Internal Hardware Design Prototyping

Grippy uses various sensors and bluetooth embeded on a custom arduino board to function:

1) Heart Rate Sensor: Measure the heartrate from user's wrist

2) IMU Sensor: Measure the movement and count user's walking stpes

3) Vibration Motor: Trigger differnet smoothing vibration patterns according to different scenario

3) Presuuer Sensor: Report level (1:Low, 2: Medium, 3:High) of stress during the moment

4) Bluetooth: Communicate with mobile application and transmist the data or receive the command for next action

  • Initial Prototype of Grippy with Arduino Lotus & groove based Sensors

  • Initial Prototype of Grippy shows vibration motors attached to the belt

  • Final Design of the grippy's custom Arduino board with sensors & bluetooth embeded with battery suuport attached inside the case

Software System Diagram

The software behind the grippy was developd using C++ language. It follows traditional finite state machine approach to achive the desired user experience while usin grippy.

  • State diagram (based on Finite state machine model) of the software running on the arduino board of the grippy


This project was a collaborative research led by PhD student Xueliang Li & mentored by Aadjan van der Helm at the Studio Lab of Industrial Design Engineering Faculty, TU Delft